Photo by C. Hendricks

Educo Africa is looking for motivated young people to participate as an intern in our Graduate and Student Placement Programme. The internships are fully funded, and will enable you to gain practical work experience with businesses, industry and non-profit organisations here in the Western Cape.

Eligible applicants

Beneficiaries of the programme must be South African citizens, or non-South African students with valid study permits, and fall into one of the following categories:

  • Unemployed graduates who have not participated in a placement programme in the past
  • Students who require a period of learning in the workplace to be able to graduate
  • Graduates who require a period of placement to pursue professional registration

In keeping with the goals of Educo Africa, preference will be given to youth from historically-disadvantaged communities.

Programme details

Time frames: Internships range from 12 – 24 months, depending on your qualification level:

  • TVET NC(V) graduates: 12 months
  • TVET NATED (N6) students: 18 months
  • University of Technology students: 12 months
  • University graduates: 12 months
  • Professional graduates: 24 months

Stipends: The programme covers a monthly stipend amount ranging from R3 000 – R7 000, depending on your qualification level:

  • TVET NC(V) graduates: R3 000
  • TVET NATED (N6) students: R3 000
  • University of Technology students: R3 500
  • University graduates: R5 000
  • Professional graduates: R7 000

Funding has also been made available to cover your work-readiness training and support materials e.g. tools and uniforms, as well as workplace injury insurance and professional registration fees (where required).

We are aiming to start placing interns from June 2017. Please contact Mark Johnston on if you are interested in participating, or need more information about the programme.