Change starts with you

I always wanted to make a change, but I did not believe in myself and my ability. So, I would always complain about how things were not going the way they are supposed to be. Instead of trying to change the situation in my community, I would post a complaint on Facebook.

However, things started changing the day I met and invited Thembinkosi Matika to be my friend on Facebook. It was a few days after chatting with him that he commented on one of my post stating “that change starts with you before you can change the world”. I spent about a week trying to figure out what he meant by that, until he invited me to the community youth parliament and there I was inspired by My Honorable. He made me believe that I have the ability to change my community.

A week later, I attended the sessions at the Community Youth Parliament and I was again invited to join the Sihambela Phambili group for hiking trip. It was the most exciting and difficult experience. What made it exciting was that it was my first time to be involved in a hiking adventure. While climbing the mountain i had moments where I felt like quitting because hiking Table Mountain was difficult. I kept on going because I had a support structure that I believed in. The most valuable lesson I learnt from the hiking was that life is not an easy journey. You have to work hard because it pays off at the end of the day!

As of now, a day does not go by, without looking at ways in which to make my community a better place to stay. Apart from that, I am also studying accounting and I aim to have my own business .

My name is Anga Maki and you are currently looking at your future Social Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Accountant. A special thanks to Thembinkosi Matika, the Community Youth Parliament and Educo Africa, for giving me the inspiration to be change that I want to be!

written by Anga Maki

anga @ table mountian