As is the norm of the majority of South African youth, Thembinkosi’s story is not an easy one. In the story of his childhood there is the stuff of poverty and trauma. The image of Thembinkosi as a teenager with his fist in the air, raging at the indignity of a childhood violated.

A few years ago Thembinkosi joined Educo Africa in the wild mountain spaces where we work.   “Before I went up to the mountains I knew what I wanted to do with my life but I had a lot of things that I needed to let go off. I had alot of anger in me that came from the things that I’ve been involved in growing up in the township. I was also angry at other people from my township that had surrendered to poverty and lost hope. Before I met Educo Afria I thought I felt like I was fighting a loosing battle. At the mountains I got a grip I got to realise that my problems are lighter compared to others and when I got back from the mountains I was ready to take on the world”

And Thembinkosi today is living his purpose. He is a member of Educo Africa’s Sihambela Phambili’s Leadership Team, he runs a weekly Open Mike Jam session for the youth of Mfuleni, he has designed and implemented a youth parliament equipping other youth leaders with the knowledge and skills to engage with the various government structures.

He is running a recycling enterprise creating livelihood for unemployed youth, Oh and one other thing, he runs his own urban agricultural project.

Thembinkosi is an inspirational man. One of many examples of young South African’s who are choosing to lead today. In his choice, building a stronger future for all South African’s.

A youtube  Clip of Thembinkosi discovering and living his potential: