Leadership into the Future

Programmes awaken a core sense of individual purpose and possibility, of responsibility and humility, and adaptive resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks. Training takes place through Action-Learning that is experiential, adventuresome, applied-in-the-moment, and accessible across all academic levels.

Active Citizenship

Young people are moved to take charge of their future, seeing themselves as an effective part of the solution as opposed to being seen as the problem. Young people choose to become active role models and agents for positive change in their communities.

Sustainable Living

Learning in the outdoors and pristine wilderness opens up respectful understanding of interrelationship with all ecological systems. Practical sustainability skills transfer takes place through recycling, reducing carbon emissions and food gardening.

Networks of Collaboration

Programmes are broad-based and integrated through well-worked partnerships with organisations across the spectrum of youth development and leadership. Young people engage productively by way of social media and develop youth-led community networks.