Trusts and Foundations______________________________

  • National Lotteries Commission
  • Fulton Trust
  • The DG Murray Trust
  •  Grandslots
  • Extended Public Works Programme- Department of Social Development
  • National Skills Fund and Department of Higher Education
  • Cape Union Mart
  • HCI Foundation
  • Groundswell
  • The Davies Foundation
  • Graaff Foundation

Business and Corporates____________________________________

  •  RAM Mountaineers
  • Pick n Pay
  • Inspire Youth

Individuals Supporters  ___________________________________________________________________

A. Lee,  W. Nedel,  M C Churchill, Gravity River Tours, Duncan Souchon, S B Chirwa,  P Mili, R M Frylinck,   R F Gillett, Vicovia Nzimela, Johanna Kruger, Anne Hanekom, Neil Ian Jowell, Mareth Roos Haupt, S J Le Roux, A L Zelezniak,  Herganful PTY LTD,  Robert Broster, Deborah Newman,  Leigh Meinert, Nicole Alexander, Phillipa Dowging