Our Clients and Partners

Denver University Women’s College

University of Denver – Colorado Women’s College blends a collaborative, engaging learning community with a challenging academic experience. The students and faculty have a passion for education and their passion co-creates a stimulating and rewarding environment. Moreover, students graduate from degree and certificate programmes with academic knowledge and skills for personal and professional success. – www.womenscollege.du.edu

Durban Children’s Home

The Durban Children’s Home is a Non-Government Organisation. It was established in 1905 by a group of concerned men and women who saw the need to provide substitute care to orphans, destitute children and children with parents who were unable to care for them. In the past, the organisation provided custodial care to these children. When this method of child care became outdated the organisation was challenged to adjust its programmes in order to meet the requirements of the transformation welfare policy in South Africa. This has ensured that the children, youth and their families referred to our programme receive an effective, efficient and relevant service. – www.dch.org.za

Education Without Borders

Education without Borders (EwB) aims to provide improved educational opportunities and facilities in disadvantaged regions of the world.
Formed in 2002 in Vancouver and granted charitable status in 2003, EwB believes that the development of knowledge and skills gives individuals greater control over their lives and more possibilities and choices for their future. Enhanced educational opportunities build communities from within, and facilitate bridging between communities. – www.educationwithoutborders.ca

James House Child And Youth Care Centre

James House is at its core a grassroots organisation, offering a 24 hour, seven day a week service to vulnerable families and children. Three integrative programmes are run, all nationally accredited, under the Family Preservation Model. These are: Isibindi, Life Centre and Residential Care (which includes Professional Foster Care). – www.jameshouse.org.za

Jump Start Foundation

Jump Start is a non-profit whose members are passionate about making a difference in South Africa. Since 2002 they have endevoured to bridge the gap in skills development with a specific focus on maths, science and ICT. – www.jumpstart.org.za

King William’s Town Child and Youth Care Centre

The centre is a registered non-profit organisation whose aim is to render services to all vulnerable and needy children within the Eastern Cape, with particular emphasis on King William’s Town and surrounding areas. – www.kwtcycc.co.za

Life Choices

Life Choices believes in coming alongside the youth to help them to know their value and to know that whatever they’ve been through, seen and experienced, they are worth the very best. Life Choices wants to encourage youth to have hope despite the circumstances, to have big dreams, to make practical plans and decisions that will move them in the direction of those dreams. – www.lifechoices.co.za


To empower and strengthen marginalized communities by listening to the particular needs of women, youth and children. This is achieved by facilitating programmes that focus on developing people through health education, skills training and personal development. In this way we hope to promote self reliance and Ubuntu, the South African philosophy of realising the personal through the communal. – www.mamelani.org.za

Masakh Isizwe Centre Of Excellence

The Western Cape Province Department of Transport & Public Works established the Masakh’ iSizwe (Let’s Build the Nation) Centre of Excellence at the beginning of 2006. The centre aims to develop professionals in engineering and the built environment fields. It aims to advance the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative of South Africa (ASGISA) by contributing significantly to the skills shortage in these fields. The centre offers a bursary programme and works with higher education institutions to develop supplementary programmes which emphasize the values and attitudes needed to develop the economy, as well as social justice, environmental sustainability and lifelong learning. – more information

State University of New York – at New Paltz

The State University of New York at New Paltz is a creative, diverse, challenging and supportive environment where you get a degree from a highly selective university and an education rich in experiences that will last a lifetime. At New Paltz, you are encouraged to explore and take intellectual risks, to find your passion, to begin your path and to find your voice. – www.newpaltz.edu


TSiBA Education is a private provider of Higher Education in business. TSiBA offers a unique Foundation Year Certificate in Business Administration followed by an enriched Bachelor in Business Administration focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership. TSiBA specifically targets scholars and potential students that would otherwise not have access to tertiary level education by offering successful applicants full tuition scholarships. – www.tsiba.org.za

University of Minnesota

One of the nation’s largest schools, the University of Minnesota offers baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in virtually every field—from medicine to business, law to liberal arts, and science and engineering to architecture. – www.umabroad.umn.edu

Wola Nani

Wola Nani, Xhosa for ‘we embrace and develop one another’, was established in 1994 as a non-profit organisation to help bring relief to the communities hardest hit by the HIV crisis.Formed against a background of economic curtailment on welfare spending and a huge increase in the number of HIV and AIDS cases, Wola Nani initiated programmes to help HIV+ people in the local community cope with the emotional and financial strains brought about by HIV and AIDS. – www.wolanani.co.za


The mission of Yabonga is to create an effective, sustainable model of care that provides education, support and skills development in order to empower HIV+ women and men to effect positive change in the lives of their children, families and in the communities in which they live, based on the principles of positive living, personal development and income generation.
Yabonga trains women and men who are living with HIV with skills to enable them to become educators and lay counsellors at Yabonga Support Centres, which are based at clinics in communities where they live. – www.yabonga.com