Our Staff

Siphelele Chirwa

Position: Executive Leader - with a focus on Fundraising and Marketing

Siphelele has a deep belief in and love for people. She is an inspired community activist who understands the profound sense of healing that can occur through experience of self in the wilderness environment.

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Lali Mili

Position: Executive Leadership - with a focus on Programmes

Lali is inspired by the growth and development he witnesses in young people. Lali is also engaged in men’s work, especially men affected by gender-based violence. For Lali, Educo Africa is a place where he can learn and grow.

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Niki Alexander

Position: Programme Coordinator

Niki is deeply driven by the power and potential in the youth of South Africa. She is inspired to see how young leaders work to make a difference in their communities and take charge of their future.

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Wiebke Nedel

Position: Independent Contractor: International Programme

Wiebke is passionate about enabling people to have the profound experience of our shared humanity no matter how far apart our worlds seem to be. From that, true and relevant local and global change can emerge.

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Andile Centane

Position: Independant Contractor - Course leader

Andile is passionate about sports in the community and just seeing young people being active in any way and not sitting and waiting for things to happen for them…

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Linda Mtshibe

Position: Independant Contractor - Course leader

Linda has a deep commitment to growing resilience in South African communities. Her belief is that there are considerable assets within communities which can be used to strengthen the wellbeing of society.

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Mark Johnston

Position: NSF Programme Manager

Mark worked as a journalist from 2000 to 2011, before heading overseas to study in New Zealand. After completing a degree in economics and politics, he worked for the New Zealand government’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, but decided to return to South Africa in 2016.

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