Young people understanding their roles as powerful agents of change – actively, confidently and positively contributing towards a better global community.


To develop in young South Africans a sense of vision, initiative, contribution and personal responsibility, with emphasis on taking charge of the future through active citizenship and community building, collaborative leadership, a spirit of Ubuntu, and care for the environment.


Diversity – means for us
To act in our highest integrity with respect, authenticity and from a place of love for all difference and uniqueness.

Openness – means for us
To accept challenges as opportunities for experience and learning while being non-judgemental toward everyone and all things.

Enthusiasm – means for us
To live and pass on our work and vision with passion, care and joy. In doing so, we strive for excellence.

Inter-connectedness with Nature – means for us
To treat our inner and outer nature with mindfulness and appreciation, to protect it and care for it, acting in an ecologically sustainable and health conscious manner.

We acknowledge that these core values are high aims and cannot always be realised. However, they are our orientation points and we continuously strive toward them.


• Reconstruct a culture of human rights and dignity.
• Redirect the purpose and energy of young people towards positive life-goals.
• Counteract the psycho-social impact and further spread of HIV/AIDS.
• Reinstate the dignity and power of survivors of crime, violence and abuse.
• Create an understanding and supportive attitude around environmental issues.
• Provide a springboard for people to rise above current disheartening circumstances and establish a secure direction for their lives.
• Encourage people to recognize their own value as well as the value of others, thus enhancing the quality of relationships and interactions as well as promoting responsible citizenship.

Base Camp

Educo Africa’s permanent basecamp is situated in the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness area. The Centre is a successful partnership between ourselves and Cape Nature.

The rustic and comfortable accommodation provides an important bridge between the “man-made world” and the deep wilderness environment.

Educo Africa is consistently working to decrease the carbon footprint of the centre through the implementation of sustainable practices and technology.